Colleen Rod

President of the Board, Owner, Executive Director, LSW

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“My husband, Howard I. Rod, LICSW, and son, Brian Rod incorporated PCI in 1993. I was the staff development director until my husband, because of health reasons, retired and appointed me as executive director in 1996. I became an owner upon his death in 1996 and sole owner in 2016. My educational, career, and volunteer background is in the fields of education, music and leadership. I love that I am able to carry out my husband’s legacy of service to others and, along with a great team of people, being instrumental in the continued growth and success of PCI.”

Michael H. Rod

Administrative Director, C.O.O.

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“I have been with PCI since 1994, starting as community-based services supervisor. I became PCI’s program director starting in 1996, and administrative director since 2000.”

Sue Rod


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“I started doing the billing for PCI; Bookkeeper, Office Manager, and now CFO/Comptroller. I have a bachelor’s degree in organizational leadership from Bethel University, and continue to seek out new learning opportunities. My favorite part of my work is the opportunity to be involved in decision-making to improve the lives of others. ‘If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.’ John Quincy Adams

Kevin Rod

Director of Program Services

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“I have been with the company for 25 years; I started out as an in-home family-based staff member, working with children and families in their own homes, and later moved to a direct-care staff position when we opened our first site. Later, I was given the opportunity to become a live-in staff at two different sites and used the skills I gained there to become a site coordinator. As a site coordinator, I helped open and manage three different sites. Being a site coordinator gave me the opportunity to train new staff and create relationships with other agencies, which helped prepare me to become a sites supervisor. As a sites supervisor, I was able to do what I enjoy most, which is working with individuals and training staff. Over the years, the position has changed into a mentoring and training position which gives me the opportunity to work with all the staff at PCI and interact with our individuals. One of my favorite things about my job is that PCI has allowed us to share our interest with our individuals including camping and participating in scouting.”

Deb Rod

Program Director/Designated Manager

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“I started in 1994 as a QMRP; I have held positions as mental health case manager, ARMHS/CTSS worker, QDDP, and supervisor. I have served as program director since 2014. I enjoy working with the individuals we support and my great co-workers.”

Heather Forsberg

Supervisor/Designated Manager

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“I started as an AON almost 13 years ago, moved up to a site coordinator position, and then was promoted to sites supervisor. I love seeing the growth of the individuals, the strides they are making, and seeing the dedication and amazing teamwork among staff.”

Susan Miske

Supervisor of PCI Adult Day Program and Recreational Lead

“I started at PCI 25 years ago—my first job was creating a craft class for our individuals where they could meet friends, socialize, and make a craft in the community at no cost to them. We have expanded this to include yearly camping trips and large group events and holiday parties. I have continued this job for the past 25 years but have added on other positions within the company too. I worked with our Family-Based program setting up in-home programs for the families and working directly with the families. Along with this, I ran our summer social skills group for children with mental health disabilities. When we decided to end this program, I became the supervisor of our Adult Day Program, where I currently am working. My favorite part about working at PCI is no two days are ever the same, or any two individuals are the same. My motto is: Individuals first, PCI second, and staff third. If you like variety and challenges while improving the lives of others, then this is the perfect fit for you.”

Bill Rod

Properties Manager

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“I joined the team in 2010 after years of working as a sub-contractor for PCI and I continue to maintain and improve properties to suit the needs of the individuals we serve. I like knowing that I can make improvements that make the individuals happy; it’s something different every day.”

Darcie Mitchell, LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse

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“I have been with PCI for 1 year. I have the good fortune to be part of the individual’s day at our Adult Day Center. The Individuals have learned that I am available to treat their minor scrapes and pain and also be a good listener.”

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